Erotic massages are not about sex but about flowing energy

Sep 05, 2019
Everything you need to know about erotic massages

A lot of clients falsely mistake erotic massages for inexpert stimulation and teasing of intimate areas with only one goal. However, a professional erotic massage is about something else. The aim of the erotic massage is to evoke sexual tension and to hand unique energy over the person who is enjoying the massage. The energy can be passed on by something ordinary but amazing at the same time – by human touch. What should be the client prepared for before being given the massage? And how is the whole procedure going? Answers for this and many other questions are a part of following lines.

Sexual tension without stress

At the beginning it is necessary to mention that professional salons which offer erotic massages do not promise sex for money. It does not happen when it comes to these massages even though the sexual tension during the procedure is almost tangible. We can distinguish erotic massages of different kinds. You can choose a luxury club that specializes in these techniques or you can order a chosen masseuse directly into your house. Everything depends on mutual agreement and of course price.

How is the massage going? 

Unlike classic massages, where you are given a massage with a towel around your waist, you do not need any towel when it comes to erotic massages. Also, get ready for different touches all over your body. Intimate areas are not any exception. During the first visit you can feel a bit nervous or stressed out; however, you will quickly and naturally get rid of it thanks to touches of an experienced masseuse. During the procedure the client should feel relaxed and pleasant. After the massage (s)he should feel a flood of new energy. The massage itself is a procedure of mutual giving and receiving through something so natural and ordinary as a human touch.

What should you know before being given the massage?

Erotic massages - how to be prepared in advance

 A professional masseuse can – in the course of the procedure – wear lingerie but most clients do prefer a naked body which can enhance the atmosphere. Before the massage you will probably be asked to take a shower – on your own or with the masseuse who is going to touch different parts of your body including intimate areas. While receiving the massage, you should experience pleasing and relaxing feelings. In case it does not happen, it is good to tell the masseuse. Never force yourself to have a massage or to go through touches that you are not comfortable with. You should point it out immediately – with no shyness but politely.

What is the price of an erotic massage like this?

The answer for this question is very individual and it can not be specified exactly. You can come across massages which cost only a few hundreds. Nevertheless, these are mostly just quick and unprofessional “actions” with one goal – make the client happy and devote to another one. If you require a good quality and professional erotic massage, be prepared to pay a bit more. In return for that you will get services from an experienced specialist who perfectly knows the anatomy of human body, who knows what it is intentional touch and how to not only give but also accept energy.

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