Big dictionary of unconventional sex terms: Do you know what it is titjob or ageplay?

Sep 14, 2019
Try to remember school years when you had to swot up thousands of phrases and rules. Most of them we have never used in real life. Practically constantly we come across terms that nobody taught us at school. Sexual terminology is sometimes quite tough even for experienced matadors. What sexual terms are “in fashion” in today’s world? Below you will find the most interesting ones!

Ageplay: Back to childish years

As you can recognize from the name of “technique”, it is a game dealing with age. To be more precise, it is a type of sexual roleplay and a BDSM practice. One of the partners has a role of child and the other – usually the more dominant – pretends to be a parent or teacher. Probably you will not be surprised that the child is playful and disobedient and that’s why s(he) deserves punishment.

Sexual dictionary - ageplay

Hentai: Comics for adults

The term “hentai” is to be mostly found in Asian portals for adults. It refers to a pornographic comic full of sex positions, sex and nakedness. However, the term also means “animated porn videos and animations based on mango style”.
Sexual dictionary - hentai

Jelqing: What does a cow give us?

A bit unconventional practice often used across BDSM and gay community aimed at humiliation of a submissive individual who is forced to kneel on all four with his penis being milked like an animal.

Sexual dictionary - Jelqing

Odaxelagnia: Bites and biting

Some sources claim that odaxelagnia has something in common with “vampire lifestyle”. We do not want to scare you but a person who enjoys odaxelagnia is maximally aroused through biting or being bitten.

Sexual dictionary - Odaxelagnia 

Pygism: Butts and bottoms

 The term “pygismus” itself is a Greek word meaning butt or bottom, which indicates a lot. A person who is declaring pygismus is morbidly attracted by butts and all practices which deal with anal sex and rimming.

Sexual dictionary - pygism

Russian threesome: Parallel of Swedish threesome

You might have heard about Swedish threesome. Russian threesome is a kind of its upgrade. This practice involves three participants; however, unlike Swedish threesome consisting of two men and one woman, Russian threesome includes two women and one man.

Sexual dictionary - threesome 

Titjob: Practice especially for women with big breasts

Titjob is a sexual practice which can be realized by a man whose woman partner has . You might know this practice under the term “Spanish sex”.

Sexual dictionary - titjob

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