"I am a friend, psychologist and especially therapist,“ reveals a professional escort about herself

loka 26, 2019
Nancy, as this beautiful young lady calls herself, has been devoted to „escort business“ for several years. The way how she started doing this job, what she likes about, how it comes up to her expectations and why she opted for sexxxwork.fi will be described in the following lines.

Nancy, what led you to work as a professional escort?

I dare to say that there were similar factors which influenced other girls as well. During my studies at the university, I needed to earn some money. I started – as my peers – in fast food chains. However, I did not like it at all and the wage had nothing in common with adequacy. My whole wage would be spent on clubs and parties during the weekend. Moreover, I abhorred the job.

Since I was a little girl, I have fallen in love with dancing, music and company of other people. Once, while I was having fun in one club, its owner noticed me and I was given an attractive offer. I was offered a possibility to dance in his club during the weekends and to earn quite a lot of money. Of course, it did not cover pole dance; however, I have tried pole dance for several times, too. But back to your question.

Concerning the weekends, I managed to earn more money in the club than in the fast food chain for a whole month! As I am pretty demanding when it comes to money and the speed of spending was accelerating, I accepted an offer from a certain regular visitor of the club. As a result, I started working as a professional escort in his club. Nevertheless, after half a year I decided to leave, especially due to the unfriendly environment and relations among girls. After this experience I came across – by chance – sexxxwork.fi.

As we know, it takes a lot of portals where professional escorts can advertise their services. Why exactly did you choose sexxxwork.fi?

The first aspect which attracted me, was its Finnish origin. Moreover, I haven’t had a good experience with other existing portals so far. In contrast to sexxxwork.fi, advertising is mostly paid on these portals.
I was also pleasantly surprised by the easy and at the same time secure registration which allows me share important information about myself but I also manage to maintain a certain level of anonymity, which is crutial in this field.

Could you name three things which attracted you the most concerning sexxxwork.fi?

It would definitely be the above-mentioned Finnish origin. Northern countries are said to be very precise and when they decide to launch a project, you can be sure that it will worth it. That’s the case of sexxxwork.fi, too. Another advantage is the fact that you can advertise here for free. Some people might think that it results in an increased number of fake profiles but in fact, each profile tends to be approved manually and its check is subject to strict rules. Last but not least is its discretion, which is priceless when it comes to escort services.

What does your family say about your job? Have you got a boyfriend?

“As in the case of most other girls, who are dedicated to the job focused on escort services, my family has no idea of what I actually do. Concerning my closest relatives, I claim to be a sales representative in an important multinational company (which is true actually; laughter). Therefore, they are not surprised that my financial situation is stable and that I don’t tend to be dependent on anyone despite living in this extremely hectic and modern age. When it comes to relationships, I do not have a boyfriend right now. I might not have met the right guy yet.”

When you meet such a guy, will you continue with this job?

It depends on certain circumstances. However, as I am a very tolerant person, I am longing to meet a man who is tolerant as well. On the other hand, I think I would be able to understand that he does not want to “share me” with anyone else. But as I said, all depends on circumstances and a concrete situation, meaning that I cannot answer right now.

What kind of clients contact you through the portal sexxxwork.fi?

You might be surprised but they are mostly extremely charismatic, conscious, self-confident and financially secure. Due to their busy working schedule, they do not have any time to get to know a woman by common ways. Moreover, they always know what they can expect from me. However, if you suppose that my work involves mainly paid sex, you are wrong.
Actually, I act as a friend, psychologist and mainly therapist. A lot of men ask me to join them at important social and cultural events, business dinners, banquets or balls. I have already played many interesting roles – a business manager, wife, daughter or simply lover. You may be taken aback by the fact that there are many clients who long for a talk. During this talk they can discuss their problems, reveal their worries etc. I carefully listen to them, express my opinion on the situation they are solving and provide them with the “woman’s point of view”.


Do you have some negative experiences related to your job?

Yes, there were some. I will mention a certain experience which has lodged in my mind the most. I used to meet an older man who had a wife and two kids at home. Unfortunately, he fell in love with me, but I did not requite his feelings; however, he did not manage to handle it and revealed this “secret” to his family. His wife found me and kicked up a fuss. She couldn’t understand that I was actually innocent. I do not know if they got back together but after this scenario, the man never contacted me again – luckily.

On the contrary, what do you like about your job?

It is certainly the fact that I can decide about my free time by myself. It is me who decides when I want to work and when I have a day off. Moreover, with the aid of this job, I met a lot of different men, which helped me to better understand men’s nature and ways of thinking. Furthermore, I visited such places that ordinary people can only dream about. I flew with a private jet, spent a couple of weeks in a luxury villa in Maldives and also, I was a part of exclusive diamond auctions, where only a few people would get. Nevertheless, I am the happiest when my clients come back to me. It is the only thing which ensures me that the job – that makes me a sense – is done well.

Who would you recommend the portal sexxxwork.fi to?

To all charismatic men and women who know their own price and do not want to end up in a poor night club renowned only for its inadequate practices. At the same time, I would recommend it to people who are searching for a reliable, trustworthy and free-of-charge platform on which they can present themselves and can attract many respectable clients and customers. Finally, my recommendation also covers people who want to keep their own lives in privacy without giving up their career.

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