„Discretion and professionalism are essential building blocks“ says the founder of a portal sexxxwork.fi

loka 19, 2019
Finnish escort portal sexxxwork.fi was founded at the beginning of 2019. Despite its relatively short activity, it has managed to generate a strong customer base. Customers either want to advertise their services or use the escort services. We are bringing an interview with the portal’s founder who revealed differences between this portal and its competitors, and what is the main benefit of sexxxwork.fi for potential clients.

Hot Blonde Female Escort

Hello, could you briefly introduce yourself?

We are a trustworthy escort portal which connects charismatic men and women with those, who are interested in various erotic services or need to be accompanied by someone while having an important business meeting, dinner with business partners or while travelling to a business trip. Although the portal was founded at the beginning of 2019, as mentioned above, it already has long-standing experience with escort services. Our job is our mission at the same time; we are devoted to the mission with enthusiasm and determination. We want our clients (on both sides – advertising or using our services) to feel safe, comfortably and we especially want to protect their privacy. Discretion and professionalism are essential building blocks which enabled the commencement of sexxxwork.fi. And we are duly proud of it!

What exactly does this job include?

Day by day we approve different profiles of men and women who offer a wide range of services for the public. As we want to ensure high quality levels, safety and comfort of the clients who either advertise or use our escort services, we tend to check the profiles manually and after that we make objective decisions whether to put them into our database or not. In contrast to our competitors, we do not display made up profiles but only verified accounts which offer the maximum of important information. The (fe)male escort can be chosen by several aspects, such as age, nationality or languages that he or she speaks.

Why did you decide to do this job?

We have already been active in the field of escort services for several years. During the time we came across many escort websites that promise high-quality services, but the reality is somewhere else. That is what we wanted to change. Thanks to our experience, we managed to create a website which connects charismatic men and beautiful women who are searching for a sensual escort, unconventional erotic services or their soulmate. We are not an ordinary escort service that only wants to wheedle some money out of its clients; advertising on our portal is free. However, bear in mind that each profile is manually checked all profile information is evaluated.  In case we come to a conclusion that the information is untrue, we will not put the profile into the database as we want to maintain the offer of high-quality escort services.

Enjoy free advertising of your escort services

Name 3 things you like the most about your job at Sexxxwork.fi.

It is especially the incredible diversity of men, women and offered services; discovering new cultures through individual profiles in the database, but also the fact, that we enrich the escort services with a brand new dimension and deeper sense. We dare to say that there is not a large number of similar portals to ours, which results in a huge commitment for us in the future. Concerning the following years, we want to improve our services in terms of quality so that we could fulfil requirements of all – especially demanding – clients.

What are your biggest qualities?

I would highlight mainly discretion, maximum precision – which are typical for northern states after all – and loyalty of course. We want to make our customers feel safe and comfortably. Their satisfaction is our propulsion power to move our services even further.

Do you think people respect this position?

People who do not know anything about escort services or have never used them, might have prejudices. However, there are also many people who actively use or offer escort services. With the aid of free advertising they are more likely to overtake their competitors or to find a long-desired escort for spending time together.

Respect to providing of escort services

Could you please give our readers advice how to be successful at this job?

Providing escort services might seem to be very easy – you just create an online profile, upload a couple of photos and wait for potential clients. However, it is a much more complicated matter. There are plenty of men and women offering escort services, which leads to strongly competitive environment. Therefore, you need to find something that enables you to stand out from the crowd. You can naturally rely on your services but keep in mind that you should never prefer quantity to quality. The quality – just as maximum honesty, trust, discretion or humanity and the ability to understand clients’ desires and incentives are crucial for future success. One of the most reliable ways how to attract new clients, is personal recommendation from existing clients. You might feel that it is a bit weird, but it is the major factor to be the leader in certain industry.  

If you had a possibility to decide again, would you choose Sexxxwork?

Sexxxwork is actually our “child“ that we took care of since the very beginning. We are still in the research and development stage, but we strongly believe that we will be #1 both in Finnish and global market. This can be achieved with the aid of men and women who register on our portal and of course clients, who use services of registered advertisers.

Global Escort Leader

How do you view your competitors (other girls or rival companies)?

As we already mentioned above, it takes plenty of escort portals. In my opinion, however; these can rarely boast about manual checks of profiles that should be advertised. Moreover, advertising on our portal is free of charge. These are two basic features that most competitors do not have.

What about your free time, what are your hobbies?

Concerning my free time, I like travelling. I am dedicated to discovering new cultures and their customs, I love Asian cuisine and books as well. When I have enough time, I do adrenaline sports, especially basejump (parachuting from a fixed structure, such as statues, rocks, skyscrapers etc.; it is basically a free fall with lower altitudes of the jump) which gives me a feeling of freedom. To tell the truth, I am a bit addicted to adrenaline, which might be the reason why I have decided to go ahead with escort portal.

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